Antonys Grafas Biography

Antony Grafas was born in Athens in 1968. In 1998, he begins diving and obtains his first star (open water). The same year he meets up with his old schoolmate from primary school, Kostas Thoktaridis. Together with him he begins his diving career. By 2000 he completes all educational levels of diving with the final one being the usage of mixed gases (trimix). This is the beginning of everything; the journey to the abyss has began.

In 2017 Antonis completes his training in cave diving with his Instructor Mr. Fontas Pitsinelis and a new specialty to underwater research is added.

In 2003 he locates the MONROSA shipwreck at a depth of 90m and starts a series of dives.

In 2004 he locates an unknown shipwreck at a depth of 107m.

From 2006 he is a professional diver, collaborating with various diving crews, organizations and the Hellenic Navy. Although his love for shipwrecks is the main driving force behind his activities and the one which is to play a major role for his future diving ventures.

In 2010 the implementation of one more goal begins. This time….it is on the surface… the creation of this website where one can find all images and films captured from every dive. The same year, he dives a wreck at 118m and captures a video that confirms this is the shipwreck of the CITTA DI TRIPOLI.

In 2011, he locates a shipwreck at a depth of 73m and after the completion of its filming he confirms this is the Greek legendary ship PATRIS (ex Saint Remi 1902).

In 2012, he completes the filming of the shipwreck of the Italian destroyer CURTATONE at a depth of 96m.

In 2013, he locates a wreck at a depth of 108m and after the completion of its filming it is confirmed its a rare ex British TLC type mark 1 LOKFAHRE. During the same year he locates at a depth of 50m almost an entire war aircraft. After extensive research has been completed, he confirms it is the German troopship JU-52.

In 2014, at a depth of 108m he locates one of the most beautiful wrecks of the Argosaronikos Bay, the Italian torpedo ship ALDEBARAN.
During the same year, he also locates at a depth of 100m one more Italian shipwreck, the RD-7.  Additionally he confirms an aircraft already dived in a previous expedition is the Italian bomber aircraft SAVOIA-MARCHETTI SM 79 SPARVIERO.

In 2015, he completes the filming of the shipwreck DON RICARDO. In November of the same year at a depth of 144 m one more wreck is located, which was later confirmed to be the Italian torpedo ship ALTAIR, sister ship of the ALDEBARAN of SPICA type.

In 2016, at a depth of 112m at the sea area of Cavo Doro one more wreck is detected. After the first dives and filming it was confirmed to be the tragic shipwreck of M/S CHRISSI AVGI.

In 2017 at a depth of 95 meters at the sea area of Cavo Doukato one more wreck is detected. Diving and filming of the wreck reveals it is the ITALIAN  GUNBOAT  PELLEGRINO MATTEUCCI.  Also, in 2017 he confirms that a sunken aircraft which he previously dived is a medium range bomber and antisubmarine aircraft the Vickers Wellington Mk.XIIΙ Aircraft (MP.705)

Diver Antonis Grafas