JU 52

On October 2013 Grafas Diving team, after information derived by fishermen, located on Glyfadas seabed, a german aircraft of the WWII era.

The locomotive military aircraft of German construction that was found in the sea region of Glyfada is known as JU 52. Unfortunately,
due to its condition and the fishing tools found in it (nets), it is assumed that it was transferred at that point by a fishing boat and this is why
it has undergone such damage. Half of the tail part of the cockpit and one engine are missing. The net that is still at its tail signifies the huge
hardship that this very sensitive finding has undergone. The recognition of the identity of this aircraft is almost impossible due to the very limited visibility, the permanent sediment of this region as well as the damages existing on it. The aircraft is located in the sea bottom upside down in a maximum depth of 50m and minimum 48m.

Sources: Viron Tezapsidis. Die Deutsche Luftwaffe in Griechenland.
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