Zervati cave

The diving team of Antonis Grafas visited the island of Kefalonia during the summer of 2017 and in cooperation with Mr. Makis Sotiropoulos (Aquatic dive center) started the filming of the caves and chasms at the east part of the island. More specifically, the cave of Karavomilos as well as the two caves of Zervatis were filmed. This mission will be completed after the collection of underwater, and not only, material from the caves below: Aggalaki, AghiaEleousa, Chiridoni and more.

Karavomilos is a small fishing village at the east part of Kefalonia. Very close and southern of it, there is Sami and its port. Few kilometers at the north there is another great village by the sea called AghiaEfimia. At Karavomilos there is a small lake with rich vegetation where fresh water flows out from its bottom and pours into the sea.

 The Diving

The caves of Zervati are located at the area of Karavomilos at Kefalonia, few kilometers north of the port of Sami. At its shore there is huge vegetation with aquatic plants forming very green scenery. The interiors (underwater) of the caves are different in terms of dimensions but at the same time are similar in terms of the visibility of the waters, the decoration, the temperature, the ruffles of the small tunnels and the composition of the water. The temperature at least during the summer months is stable at 14 Celsius degrees and the visibility is almost 40 meters. In both these beautiful caves, the decoration is stable and beautiful with stalactite and stalagmite formations. The first flooded part has a maximum depth of almost 5 meters and length of 40 meters from its entrance. The second one is deeper with a maximum depth of almost 10 meters and a length of 130 meters, where there is a pressed yarn. This means that the cave used to continue more but due to the recent earthquake vibrations the walls were detached and the passage closed. The direction of both of them is south – southwest.