Karavomilos cave.

The diving team of Antonis Grafas visited the island of Kefalonia during the summer of 2017 and in cooperation with Mr. Makis Sotiropoulos (Aquatic dive center) started the filming of the caves and chasms at the east part of the island. More specifically, the cave of Karavomilos as well as the two caves of Zervatis were filmed. This mission will be completed after the collection of underwater, and not only, material from the caves below: Aggalaki, AghiaEleousa, Chiridoni and more.

Karavomilos is a small fishing village at the east part of Kefalonia. Very close and southern of it, there is Sami and its port. Few kilometers at the north there is another great village by the sea called AghiaEfimia. At Karavomilos there is a small lake with rich vegetation where fresh water flows out from its bottom and pours into the sea.

 The Diving
The lake formed by the water of the cave is circular and very shallow (1-1,5 meters in depth) with intense vegetation in its interior and around it. A diver swimming to the west will meet the big entrance of the cave in a depth of 3-4 meters. The direction of the cave is west and after few meters becomes south-west. The maximum depth is 18  meters with a temperature of 14? degrees. The first passage that leads us to the first hall after 130 meters has a width of 5 meters and a height of 5 to 10 meters. The maximum length in the cave reaches the 250 meters and there are two big halls and a smaller one where it the end of the route. There are two big air locks where the diver can resurface and admire the different formations on the caves roof. In different parts, the diver can see some stalactite and stalagmite formations. The cave has many eels and other kinds of fish of different sizes. However, what makes the cave memorable and the favorite to all its visitors is its visibility that reaches up to 40 meters. The water is very clear everywhere. At the end of the diving, the cave offers a surprise to the diver; the colors of its exit while the sun enters in the very big entrance and forms a unique blue shade.