Unknown Shipwreck Southern Evia Number 2

In April 5th 2015, Antonis Grafas diving team dived and researched an unknown wreck in the sea area of South Evoikos Bay,
located at a distance of approximately five nautical miles from Rafina. The location of the wreck was given to the diving team
by its cooperator Giannis Mitilineos.

The findings of the first research on the spot showed that probably is a ship wreck that has been partially cut after the war.
The absence of the propeller and of the chains of the anchor as well as a quite obvious crack, that was probably caused by explosives
upon an effort of destroying the wreck, show that it has been tried in the past to tow it. This assumption is enhanced by the fact
that until today there is a rope at the stern of the boat that goes up to the surface and that this rope probably was the one
that was tied to a boat when trying to destroy the wreck as well as by the abrupt absence of parts of the superstructure of the

This is the wreck of a small steam ship with a length of 45 metres and width of almost 7 meters that is located on its keel in the sea bottom
in an upright position and whose maximum length is 50 meters and minimum is 40 meters. The bow-stern axis has an east – southeast direction of almost
150 degrees. In the engine room, one cylinder of the steam engine was found while there is a very obvious staircase under the engine room
that must lead, under typical circumstances, to the boat’s water heater. At the superstructure part, that is in good condition, we can see the areas of  
the cabins that are covered though with a thick layer of barnacle. A large gap that is located at the same area needs to be further examined
in order to realize its role in the funtion of the boat. At the bow, that has been partially eliminated, anchor chains are missing
while the anchors are half burried under the sand of the sea bottom.

This is a finding whose on the spot research as well as its historical base are still in process with the confirmation of the boat’s
identity to be the main goal. After that, its history may be revealed as well, however for now, the diving team of Antonis Grafas calls it the
“Unknown wreck at South Evoikos Bay Number 2”.