Unknown Shipwreck Argosaronikos 1

In March 16th 2014, the diving team of Antonis Grafas dived in an unidentified wreck that is located at the east side of Aghia Marina (Egina) and at the south side of the cape of Tourlos in Egina. The wreck is in a maximum depth of 114 meters and minimum depth of 99 meters. This is the stern part of a small ship, probably of a passenger ship, whose bottom and superstructure are cut almost vertically at the part of the middle ship. The biggest part of the stern is covered with a big net a fact that does not allow to reach the down stern part of the bottom where is a part of a propeller. This gives a possibility of the existence of a second propeller too. The imaginary axis of bow-stern of the wreck has a west direction.

Despite the fact that until now there are no elements that could contribute in the identification of this new finding, the research is still going on and we hope in future results of it in order for an established documentation of this unidentified ship.