British cargo steam ship “Helmstedt SS”, with a total weight of 1586 tons, a length of 81,4 meters, a width of 10,2 meters, functioning with a 140 BHP two-cylinder compound engine, constructed in 1877 by Edward Withy & Co. at West Hartlepool of Sunderland, engine by Richardson T. & Sons at Hartlepool and owned by Sir R. Ropner & Co. Ltd of Pool Shipping.
Edward Withy & Company, Hartlepool, 1874 – 1891: Edward Withy continued to build at the Middleton yard previously operated with his partner Edward Alexander. He emigrated in 1884, selling his shares to shipowner Christopher Furness who engaged Edward’s brother Henry as Managing Director. After 1891, the yard operated as Furness, Withy.
Thomas Richardson developed his business of marine steam engines, but constructed two vessels in 1845-1846. He died in 1850 and his two sons, Thomas and John, built a further series of vessels between 1855 and 1857. The Richardson name became prominent in the field of marine engineering in the town. Then the company became T. Richardson & Son Ltd.
The ship wrecked on 22 March 1880, 6 miles south-east of Mandili islet at Karystos, Evia. The wreck’s maximum depth is 70 meters and its minimum depth is 58 meters. Its orientation is 160/340 degrees, with good visibility and normal current.