Shipwreck of rescue ship Mimis

Rescue ship Mimis

Rescue ship “Mimis” (ex Phoceen, ex Jane, ex Jollife), with Piraeus ship register number 805 of class A, DDS SVGF, a volume of 276 gross registered tonnage and 53 net registered tonnage, a length of 133 feet, constructed in 1888 at the shipyard of J. Readhead and co. of Soutshields, Scotland, owned by Stringos S.A. It was functioning with a three-cylinder reciprocating engine with 101 ΝΗΡ. “Mimis”, having as captain Nicolaos Kiafas or Giafis and a 27-member crew (15 men from Merchant Navy and 12 from Hellenic Navy) on 28 March 1941 crashed into a mine at the area of Tourlos, Aegina and 23 of 27 passengers died. The auxiliary ship “Mimis”, with commander on board the reservist midshipman Elias Degiannis, was patrolling the north side of Tourlos-Fleva barrier since 20.00 until 8.00 of the next day. During the night of 28 to 29 March 1941, it was the second time that it was patrolling. Its speed was 5 knots. Its route from Aegina was 060 and during its return from there it had a direction to the right. That night the visibility was very good and the sea was calm. At about 00.30 on 29 March 1941, the ship starting from Aegina had a route 060. During the patrol, there were look-outs on the bow and stern for the sea control. The rescued Elias Degiannis mentions that he heard a wooden sound without moving the ship while he was seating on a chair in captain’s room. After a while, in front of the bridge, he saw flames coming up and the deck was falling apart. He dropped in the sea, took off his uniform and swam to the rescue boat while he was hearing the others calling for help. On the rescue boat, 5 shipwrecked people embarked and the chief petty officer mister Papadakis died at the hospital.
The ship sunk in 3 minutes. The rescued shipwrecked people were collected after several hours by the torpedo ship “Aigli” close to the area Fleva.

During the explosion and sinking of “Mimis” died:
1. G. Kiafas (Giafis), Captain
2. S. Sinodinos, Engineer
3. S. Kostas, Structure Engineer
4. D. Vassiliadis, Operator
5. P. Andressakis, Boatswain
6. G. Aleksandris, Cook
7. Ν. Voulalidis, Diver
8. P. Papadakis, Chief Stoker
9. Ν. Karydis, Sailor
10. G. Paftopoulos, Stoker
11. G. Trikaminas, Stoker
12. Α. Tsoumis, Stoker
13. R.Chaliabilias, Junior Sailor

From the crew of Hellenic Navy died:

1. K. Papoutsis, Deck Sailor
2. Α. Rigopoulos, Deck Sailor
3. R. Αnastasiou, Rigger Sailor
4. Ε. Gryparis, Shooter Sailor
5. Ζ. Ksidas, Shooter Sailor
6. Ν. Papamichalakis, Shooter Sailor
7. S. Palaiologou, Rigger Sailor
8. D.Dintsis, Marchaller Sailor
9. Μ. Kyriazanos, Deck Sailor
10. Κ. Perioudakis, Shooter Sailor

From the passengers, were saved:
1. P. Zagoras, Sailor
2. G. Tavlarios, Assistant Engineer

And from the crew of Hellenic Navy were saved:

1. Α. Lorentsos, Rigger Chief petty officer
2. E. Degiannis, Reservist Midshipman


Christos Ntounis, Wrecks at Greek Seas 1951-2000, Volume A.

Special thanks to G. Strigkos family.

The wreck today
The ship is at an upright position in the sea bottom; its stern is at 220° and the rest of the ship is at 40°. Its maximum depth is 79 meters (propeller) and its minimum is 70 meters (deck). The bow is totally cut off by the crash – explosion of the mine. The stern is still at a really good position as well as the propeller and the helm.