Shipwreck Nestos

Ex British fishing boat and minesweeper Lord Bradbury. Its displacement was 325/500 tones and the maximum speed was 9 knots. Its armament was constituted by 1 37 mm firearm and 1 machine gun and it could carry 40 mines. This ship was one of the four British fishing boats of Mersey type that were bought by the Greek government in 1938 and were transformed in minesweepers. It was constructed in 1925-1926. Boats of the same type were also “Aliakmon”, “Aksios” and “Strimon”. “Nestos” participated in the World War II and sank on 23 April 1941 at Psathopirgo, at Korinthiakos Bay after an air attack.

Source: The ship of the Hellenic Navy 1829-1999, K. Pezis-Paradeli
The wrecks at Greek Seas, 1900-1950, Volume A, Christos Ntounis, Vice Admiral of the Hellenic Coast Guard