Shipwreck S/S MARS

Dutch cargo steam ship “Mars” (ex “Delamere”), registered in Amsterdam, with a volume of 1582 gross registered tonnage and 895 net registered tonnage, a length of 268 feet, constructed in 1925 at Newwaterway S.B C.O, Schiedam shipyard of Rotterdam, owned by Koninklejke Nederlansche Stoomb Maats. The ship was functioning with a three- cylinder reciprocating 207 NHP engine.On 29 may 1945, “Mars”, while it was sailing outside Patra’s port, crashed into a mine. Due to the explosion and the fire that were caused by the load of the ship (it contained bottles with alcohol), the ship sank and five members of its crew died.

Sources Chrisros Ntounis wrecks at Greek seas 1900-1950 volume A
George Karelas