Junkers Ju 88 Ithaca

In the summer of 2017, Grafas Diving team visited the remnants of a Junkers 88 plane that crashed out of Ithaca Island, during WW2. Guided by our friend and owner of a local dive center, Makis Sotiropoulos, the team descended in the area south east of Saint John peninsula. Antonis Grafas and Lefteris Koytalas completed 3 dives in the designated area, so as to gather as much evidence as they could to identify the plane and its mission. At first glimpse, it becαme obvious that the crash must have been severe. There are pieces scattered at a large area, proof of the speed the plane hit the sea surface.  The main part of the cockpit was nowhere to be found, but our team plans to revisit the area to continue its quest. The main concern for the divers was to locate the serial numbers of the engines that could lead to a solid identification of the plane. The first object that can be found at 18 meters is the Jumo 211 engine (unknown model) and after thorough inspection, brings the serial number 23. 500 76. 3. The second engine lays on 28 meters and has the serial number 23. 506 94. 1. In between the two engines, the divers found an MG 81 J twin machine gun that was a standard choice for the type.  
In total the divers located more than 60 items scattered, at a large area, from 18 to 60 meters deep, around the underwater reef of Akrotirion.