Cargo bulk carrier “Eurobulker X.” (ex Matumba, ex Alangos, ex Galea), with Cambodia flag and volume of 19916 gross registered tonnage and 13870 net registered tonnage, 35264 tones transport capacity, 196 meters length, constructed in 1974 at the Spanish Astilleros Espanoles shipyard of Sevilla, functioning with a 11.500 BHP Sultzer engine.This ship was belonging to the group of the Greek ship owner Stavros Elias and it was acquired on February 1998 by the Medway company (D. Delaportas, Th. Giannoutsos).

The ship’s name, while it was belonging at this company from 1994 to 1998, was Matumba and it also had it before, when its owner was Mr Mouskas, from 1992 to 1994. In 1998, the last ship owner changed its name from Matumba to Eurobulker X.The ship’s crew was consisted by foreigners, except for the Greek Lieutenant Nicolaos Pantazis.

On 1 September 2000, while it was at anchor at Lefkanti of Chalkida loading a cargo of cement, it was cut into two pieces and one crew member died. Due this event, a fuel leak was caused and polluted the coasts. However, the reaction of the Greek Ministry for Merchant Shipping, the Port Authorities of the region and some private agencies was so impressive that had as a result the immediate cleaning of the coasts.

Source: Christos Ntounis, Wrecks at Greek Seas 1951-2000, Volume B