Shipwreck Dredger ship

In May 2016, our diving team dived into the sea area south of Karistos and west of Andros in an unknown wreck. The wreck was detected a long time ago in cooperation with Giannis Mitilineos and it was registered in our search list. After the diving and the field research that we realized, we ended up to the fact that this was the wreck of an auxiliary floating kind of ship that had the characteristics of a dredger, i.e a totally visible engine arrangement with an endless chain with small bins located between the drums of a metallic frame.

Wreck desciption

The wreck is located in a depth of 117 meters making some lifts up to 110 meters. Its length is almost 40 meters and its width 4 meters, while its axis of bow-stern has a west direction. This is an unknown, until now, wreck whose identification is in progress.