Shipwreck C/S Retriever

British cable ship “Retriever”, with London ship register number 129024, with a volume of 674 gross registered tonnage and 331 net registered tonnage, a length of 190 feet, constructed in 1909 at the Goole S.B and Repairing co. LTD, Goole shipyard of England. The ship was functioning with a two-cylinder reciprocating 91 NHP engine, owned by the English company “Cables and Wireless”.“Retriever”, on 1 April 1941 and while it was sailing from Limnos to Piraeus with a 46-member crew, was attacked by a German airplane and it sank. As a result 11 people died, including Athanasios Chrisoloras, a Greek 28-year-old crew member.

Source: Christos Ntounis, Wrecks at Greek Seas 1900-1950, Volume A.