Shipwreck of cargo ship Elenitsa K. ex Cornel.

ELENITSA K IMO 327grt Built 1938
2 hatches 1 crane/derrick
Crossley 6 cylinder oil engine built 1944 and fitted to ship in 1955.
Operated by A Kokkinidis and others
Registered Piraeus, Greece
Call letters: SV3604

The ship was built in 1938
by E J Smit & Zoon at Westerbrook, Holland (Yard # 656)
and named “CORNEL” for Rose Shipping of England.
She was renamed “GLENSIDE” in 1957
then “MICHAEL A” in 1965
and finally “ELENITSA K” in 1974
In the first dive, we found the ship’s bell. The name CORNEL was written on it.
The wreck today

The ship is located at an upright position at the axis of 120/300° degrees. Its maximum depth is 85 meters and its minimum depth is 72 meters. In front of the ship’s bridge, there is a big, complete hold that reaches the bow, having though two entrances of loading and unloading. The anchors are still in their position as well as bow’s web.