Shipwreck AL HADI

Cargo ship “AL HADI” with Lebanese flag and a volume of 1183 gross registered tonnage, constructed in 1964 at the shipyard of KISHIGAMI ZOJEN K.–K. AKITSU at Japan, belonging to EAST MEDITERRANEAN MARITIME S.A. The ship, that was travelling with a general cargo from Chalkida to Port Sudan, on 3 October 1985 was sunk while it was sailing near Attiki’s coasts, at a distance of 4 miles from Porto Rafti, because of its cargo’s shifting. Its 15-member crew was saved by vessels that came to help.

Source: Christos Ntounis, Wrecks at Greek Seas 1951-2000, Volume B.

The ship is at an upright position at the axis 150/330 degrees at a maximum depth of 85 meters and minimum 70 meters. The visibility is very limited because of a sediment and the location (Evoikos bay). At the bow, there is a huge crane forming the greek letter “Π” that used to carry enormous loads for the ship. It is full of a lot of kinds of fishing tools and the diver should be very careful due to the limited visibility.