Anna Barbopoulou

ANNA BARBOPOULOU: Consumer Market Insights, Elais Unilever Hellas.

“Are you up for a diving holiday to the Red Sea?” was my sister’s text message and the beginning of my diving journey. A few weeks later, I enrolled to the Open Water course just in order to get the basics to be able to follow her to that trip. That was at the very beginning as to my surprise diving proved for me…love at first sight!
In my brief, up to now, diving career, I was extremely lucky to be found next to very experienced divers who helped me learn and progress really fast. With them I enjoyed many interesting dives, wrecks, reefs, caves… every time something new, something more exciting…every time unique experiences, rare pictures, beautiful emotions.

Open Water Diver (IANTD),EANx Diver (IANTD),Advanced Open Water Diver (IANTD),Advanced EANx Diver (IANTD),Normoxic Trimix Diver (IANTD)