Lefteris Koutalas

Born in Athens in 1980, I work in the field of silver-gold smithery since 2000. The love I have for the sea started during my childhood and now it is my job too. During my free time I work as a diving
instructor in order to communicate to the people the magic of the sea.

OWI (Open Water Instructor)
Open Water Instructor
DMI (Dive Medic Instructor)
Dive Medic Instructor
LSI (Limited SafeAir Instructor)
Limited SafeAir Instructor
CSI (Complete SafeAir Instructor)
Complete SafeAir Instructor
TSI (Technical SafeAir Instructor)
Technical SafeAir Instructor
GBI (Gas Blender Instructor)
Gas Blender Instructor
STI (Service Technician Instructor)
Service Technician Instructor
Cavern Diver (Level 2)
Cavern Diver
Cave Diver (Level 3)
Cave Diver
Cave Diver (Level 4)
Cave Explorer
Cave Explorer (Level 5)
Cave Explorer
Technical SafeAir Diver
Technical SafeAir Diver
Extended Range Diver
Extended Range Diver
TMD (Tri-Mix Diver)
Tri-Mix Diver