Interview with Alexis Papadopoulos

Alexis Papadopoulos has been a tireless and pioneering Greek producer who left his mark in underwater filming for over 50 years. The thematic documentaries he created with the means of the time, as well as his own technical innovations, have been a unique gateway in helping the Greek audience to discover the magic of the underwater world. For many years, a state television partner, since the 1970s he has been producing images unprecedented to the uninitiated until then public, worthy documentaries competing those of Jacques Cousteau. Deeply sensitive to the disastrous human intervention to the environment, it raised environmental interest, well before these became common practice. He brought pictures of wrecks, caves and training of military units. He collaborated in numerous foreign productions for underwater filming and was also a pioneer in the archaeological research, with his great discovery of the submerged Ancient City of Ellikis in the Corinthian Gulf. A great master of the techniques of photography and film, he feels lucky to have experienced the transition to the modern digital media, but he also expresses his concerns about the contribution of modern producers to the art of imaging.

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