Erikos Kranidiotis

Erikos was born in 1977 in Athens. He is half Greek and half British and spent many years living in the U.K. There he completed his studies obtaining a Bachelors and Masters Degree in International Business Administration. He worked for five years for an investment bank and now he works as a service delivery manager for a large Fintech company.
He started scuba diving in 2012 and loves cave diving. He is Vive-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tethys Scuba Club.

Technical – ANDI
*2018 – Trimix Diver
*2018 – Technical Extended Range
*2017 – Cave Diver
*2017 – Technical SafeAir
Recreational – PADI
*2015 – Divemaster
*2017 – Cavern Diver
*2016 – Enriched Air Diver
*2015 – Dry Suit Diver
*2012 – Rescue Diver
*2012 – OW, AOW