Regia Torpediniera ALTAIR

The diving team of Antonis Grafas, in collaboration with Yiannis Mytilinaios and Dimitris Smyrniotis, located and dived a wreck southwest of the island of Patroklos, which was later identified as the Italian torpedo ALTAIR (AT), sister ship of the Italian torpedo boat ALDEBARAN AL) discovered by the same group in February of 2014. The shipwreck is standing upright at the bottom, at a maximum depth of 144 meters, and the imaginary stern-to-bow axis is 320 degrees. The dive, which took place in the mid-ship area on October the 15th in 2015, revealed to the team the shipbuilding and technical characteristics of the Italian SPICA torpedo class and is equipped with weapons. A 100 mm gun was placed in the stern and machine guns displaced at the center of the ship in elevated firing stations.

The wreck is located less than half a nautical mile from the sinking point of ALTAIR, as reported in the surviving war calendars. This fact, combined with the gun type and displacement and the technical characteristics of the ship, clearly indicates the identity of the shipwreck: It is obviously the torpedo boat of the Italian Royal Navy ALTAIR which sunk at 02:47 on October the 20th in 1941, southwest of the island of Patroklos (Gaidouronissi).

The great depth combined with limited bottom time prevented the further evaluation and documentation of the wreck. For this reason further dives have been planned in the future, the results of which, together with research, will lead to the complete documentation both historically and visually. Hence, completing the cycle which began with the discovery of the ALDEBARAN (AL) torpedo boat, about one and a half years prior in February of 2014.